In 2004, inspired by their travels across Australia, Mark and Lindsay Lilley created their own brand of fresh healthy fast food and by 2009 had opened 5 shops.

We were commissioned to undertake a complete brand redesign. The central animated ‘K’ figure became a signature sign off for the brand and ‘life your life, love our food’ perfectly articulates the philosophy of this young and energetic brand. We then developed the interior layout and finishes. Honest materials including reclaimed wood and slate were mixed with rich patinated leather. This was punctuated with accents of red and avocado green. Edgy graphics with subtle double meanings were introduced both internally and across the packaging and print to create a contemporary, urban feel. While controversial marketing campaigns ensured the brand achieved standout on the high street. Sales leapt with the introduction of the new positioning and we rolled out over 20 stores .

The reins have now been handed back to Abokado to further develop the brand.