Benugo is an upmarket Italian style deli bar. The simple modern typography reflects the clean contemporary feel of the interior. A black and white palette with highlights of colour gives the identity a fresh, continental feel.

The interior is simple and monochromatic using honest, natural materials that are both durable and easy to clean and maintain. The floors are timber with detailing in tile. The wall finishes are neutral, designed to reflect the wealth of natural light around the space.

The minimalist airy feel of the interior is reflected in the treatment of the menus. The graphics are printed onto clear glass panels with areas left blank for updating daily specials etc. Colour is introduced through the packaging, product and two large scale mosaic murals with feature both in the window and the lofted atrium space to the rear of the bar. The brand was sold in 2007 and has now opened over 50 sites in many leading venues in the UK.