Christmas Gift Tin

2014 marked the 100th anniversary of the start of WW1 so we wished to acknowledge that fact through a Christmas gift.

A reimagining of the famous Princess Mary Gift Tin seemed the perfect vehicle. The original gift consisted of a brass tin with heavily embossed lid, containing 20 cigarettes, 1oz of pipe tobacco, a Christmas card from the King and Queen and a photograph of Princess Mary.

We sourced a similar sized brass tobacco tin and reproduced the original embossed lid altered to celebrated the countries in which we work.We replaced the cigarettes with a candy version, the ends painted with brown food colouring to represent the original ‘Woodbines’. The pipe tobacco became flaked chocolate.

The Christmas card was personalised and hand sewn in the style of the original. A photograph of our illustrious leader replaced that of the Princess.

Finally a folded card was added that carried the story of the original gift tin and a festive sign off from the agency.

Clients from California, New York, Austria, Belgium and the UK now proudly display the tins in their offices and boardrooms.