Wild Bean Cafe

Wild Bean Cafe was in trouble in the UK.

The sites were old fashioned, poor quality and downmarket. The brand was not in sympathy with the more aspirational and sophisticated look and feel of the M&S food offer with whom it shared key sites across the country.

We were commissioned to create an entirely new brand look and feel, from logotype through store design to packaging and print. In conjunction with a complete re-evaluation in product quality and offer.

We modernized the logo, while still retaining its iconic oval shape and designed a stand -alone food and drink offer that was comparable with any of the major high street chains.

M&S also produced a scheme and both concepts were trialed in a number of key locations.

The results were unanimous in favour of the WBC concept. Sales rose by over 40%. All M&S units were converted to our design and it is currently being rolled out across the country.